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Our Story

Ogletree Estates - Photo by Steffani Jones Photography.jpg
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Ogletree Estates - Photo by Steffani Jones Photography.jpg

The Kuveikis Family welcomes you to Ogletree Estate

Driving past this lovely property our family was absolutely captivated by the stately manor home with rolling meadows and picturesque mountain views that are Ogletree Estate and decided immediately to make it our own mountain retreat. As the new owners we are thrilled to welcome you to schedule a tour with us and experience the absolute charm of our beautiful mountain estate, the perfect location for your special event.

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On this land in 1908, near the intersection of Pea Ridge Road and Paradise Park Road, Phil and Ira Mae Ogletree settled their daughter, Fredeva, and Mrs. Ogletree's sister, Freddie Stokes, into a grand Georgian home abounding with southern appeal. The Ogletree family was as charming and hospitable as their estate. The neighbors described the family as well-educated and kind folks who were always willing to help others.

Local craftsman and local materials were utilized in the construction of the grand, neoclassical Ogletree home. Ezekia Tench, owner of a local sawmill, cleared the forest and cut the timber for the estate. In addition, being a craftsman of many trades, Ezekia also completed the brick and masonry work for the chimneys and foundation. Many craftsmen joined together to create a home for the Ogletree family including William Milton Hardy, Volney Parker, and John T. Vaughn.

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The Ogletree House has varied little over the past century and currently resides on the national registrar of historic places in Cornelia, Georgia. The home is a blast from the past flowing with grand columns, well appointed rooms, beautiful staircases, and breathtaking views. In the late 1920s, the apple orchards were a very important part of the Ogletree property situated as one of the great orchard farms in North Georgia. The successful orchards incorporated very up-to-date technology and were located to the south of the house. One local resident of the community can recall applying for apple picking jobs in the late 1920s.

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